About Our Firm

Lari-Joni & Bassell is a law firm dedicated to representing people and businesses that have been injured physically or financially due to another’s wrongdoing. We handle a wide variety of cases, including, but not limited to, cases involving: insurance bad faith, auto accidents, defective products, breaches of contract, medical malpractice, insurance coverage, defamation, unfair competition, antitrust, qui tam/whistleblowers, and interference with prospective economic advantage. In essence, our firm handles legal matters, which fall within the spectrum of either contract law or tort law.

If you have such a case and your cause is just and righteous, then we will take on your case and pursue it tirelessly. While no law firm can guarantee success, we can guarantee our dedication, commitment, and devotion to you to the very end. At Lari-Joni & Bassell, injustice done to our clients is injustice done to us. We take it personally and we do everything in our power to right the wrongs perpetrated upon our clients.

What Clients Say

Honest and forthcoming and I felt very well taken care of.
CD, Repeat Client
The attorneys went completely out of their way many times when it came to my case because they really understand the sensitivity and severity that comes along with a case like this.
Anne, Repeat Client
They took the case even though it was difficult and they fought hard against the insurance company until they recovered the entire insurance policy for us. They made us feel like family rather than clients.
Gary, Past Client
Great! I got into a auto accident a year ago and called upon their help in settling the case. I am not very familiar with the law, but they helped me through every step. They were great. Absoulutely kept me informed on everything before I could even ask and they took the time to explain even the smallest detail. I was more than happy at the end.
G.U., Past Client
No one else could have done a better job. I can honestly say that I had the BEST lawyers. 
OM, Past Client

What Judges and Opposing Counsel Say

They earned the verdict.
They presented a solid case and they won, as they should have.
They are very fine lawyers.
Staff Hands Crossed Photo